Tania Hoser / We Love You Earth

Posted on June 9, 2021 in Documentaries, Short Films, Showcase by Tania Hoser

We Love You Earth was, made with footage Tania Hoser shot at the Extinction Rebellion protests 2019, edited during lockdown 2020. “I wanted to capture the spirit of the protests,” says Hoser. “Many DPs move away from documentary as their careers progress but I find myself increasingly drawn to all forms of filming that require fast assessment of what is going on, sensing where the core of the story is and getting into the best place to capture it. Having time to create this film from my XR rushes was courtesy of COVID lockdown one. It was an unusual opportunity to be able to find my own film in the footage and connect my cinematography with my personal feelings and values.”

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Tania Hoser


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